Character Worksheet

The Character Worksheet is a detailed list of every character referenced in the Any Tomorrow Trilogy.

Abbreviations Referenced
CVM – Carolina Volunteer malitia
NIWCS – National Indications and Warning Center Southeast
USC – University of South Carolina
Name Description
Aberjad, General A general in the army of Xenchitochan
Abrams, Terry CVM soldier
Akminbarhotep Chief of Ereshkigal’s Royal Guard
al-Butsoma, Bani Save-More Mart Cashier in Melbourne
Alejandro Owner of Alejandro’s Pawn Emporium
Alencar, Silvia Young woman in Começo
al-Faris, Badir An associate of Abraham Weisman
Alhazar, Muhammad NIWCS security staff
Almend, Brother Thaddeus Passenger on The Yankee Queen
al-Mulk, Askari Leader, Army of the Kingdom
al-Wadi, Ami Friend and spiritual advisor to Askari al-Mulk
Aly A young woman in the community
Alyshia Victim of Henry Turner
Andrew NIWCS staff
Ankitana Warrior, served the Lord of the Whole World
Arizabaleta , García Nicknamed Gee
Ash, Lieutenant Gene Aide to Colonel Moultrie
Ashante Nairobi prostitute
Ashkurtar Nebechadept
Bayless, Martin Luther Son of Lucy Bayless and Ben Keller
Bayless, Sergeant Lucy CVM NCO
Beil, Dr. Tomas Project Seven staff
Bernardo, Robert CEO, WarkaTech
Berryman Marine
Bill Neighbor at the Fish Camp
Bjorgenson Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Blevins Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Bob Prefered name of the Old One
Bopha Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Boreman Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Bortan, Merrisa USC student
Broussard Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Buskanovka, Captain Yuri Captain of the Stelle de Mare
Calloway, Charley WarKaTech employee
Cano, B. NIWCS staff
Carlee, L. NIWCS staff
Chachivera, Bernardo Shaman in  Começo
Charley NIWCS security staff
Charlie CVM Quartermaster office
Chinn, Sammy Original name of Askari al-Mulk
Cominientos, Dayra Girl found in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Connell, M. NIWCS staff
Correlly, Tom USC student
Crowley, Lennis Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Cumalander, Frank CVM soldier
Danley, Charles First mate aboard the Stelle de Mare
de LaHoya, Emily Daughter of Roberto de LaHoya
de LaHoya, Jacob Son of Roberto de LaHoya
de LaHoya, Katie Wife of Roberto de LaHoya
de LaHoya, Roberto Rancher, Reyes Canyon, Montana
deAcutane, Thomas Member, Order of Paranthasar
Delaney, Doctor Director of the Fertility Lab at Kununurra Colony
deMarco, Salvador Chief negotiator for the Montevideo Cartel
Demarto, Francois French army deserter
Devereaux, Raydon 19th century French chemist
Dickinson, Jonathon Quaker merchant shipwrecked at Jupiter Island, FL
Dobermayer, Lieutenant CVM officer
Dokhturov, Major General Demitri Soviet officer
Donovan, Father Francis Priest, St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Dsukin, Amy Original name of Ami al-Wadi
Dukas, Helen Albert Einstein’s secretary
Durkin, Ms. Deena Save-More Mart store manager
Dyson, Diana Daughter of Joe Dyson
Dyson, Jocelyn Wife of Joe Dyson
Dyson, Joe A Farmer
Eddie CVM soldier
Einstein, Albert Physicist
Emeagwali, Dr. Tafawa A Nigerian physicist
Ereshkigal Sumerian goddess of darkness and death
Esteban, Uncle Uncle of Dayra Cominientos
Evandkroph, General Vasilly A general
Father Companion of Auratus Kortai
First-of-Many Son of Mother
Fischer, Dr. Ashley Director of Project Seven
Fitzhugh, Dr. Alexander Staff, Institute for Advanced Studies
Forbes, Preacher Brought the “good news” to Mama Washington
Forrder, Hans Security Technician
Fred Spirit guide
Freeman Marine
Frick, Lt. Col. Adjutant to Colonel Moultrie
Frick, Sergeant Dewey CVM soldier
Gerardo, Captain Tommy CVM G-2 officer
Germer Marine
Goebbels, Joseph Nazi Minister of Propaganda
Goodfellow, Right Reverend Matthew Passenger on The Yankee Queen
Goodfellow, Sarah Wife of Rt. Rev. Matthew Goodfellow
Greene, Corporal Victim of Enrique Santiago
Grynszpan, Herschel Assassinated German diplomat Ernst vom Rath
Guderien, SS Sturmbannführer Werner SS officer
Halley, Mister Chief engineer aboard the Stelle de Mare
Handy, Captain James Captain of The Yankee Queen
Hanks, Charley Pilot
Harkness, Captain Josiah Army Officer, Spanish-American War
Harkness, Dorothy Wife of Captain Josiah Harkness
Harkness, Jack Roughneck
Hatchett A traveler from the wastelands
Heisenberg, Werner Physicist
Hennesy, Michael Duty officer aboard the Stelle de Mare
Himmler, Heinrich Reichsführer-SS
Houston, Colonel Amity Led the attack on Começo
Jefferson, Mrs.Herbert Wife of Senator Herbert Jefferson
Jefferson, Senator Herbert U.S. Senator
Jensen, Private CVM soldier
Johnson, Freeman CVM NCO
Joker Nickname for Jeffery Sterret
Jones, Digby CVM soldier
Jonnie Gerald Kunakucha’s friend in Nairobi
Jurnegan,  Dr. Max Project Seven staff
Kalowski, A. NIWCS staff
Kalup Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Kane, Tommy Roughneck
Kante Gerald Kunakucha’s friend in Nairobi
Karnan, Emir Chamberlain to Xenchitochan
Kath A young woman in the community
Katrinovich, Misha Ship’s doctor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Katsuro Defender of the village of Yongshu
Keiko Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Keller, Dr. Benjamin Eloas USC Professor
Kingsley Marine
Kirby, Major Leonard CVM officer
Kortai, Auratus The name taken by the young Xenchitochan
Krumwiede, Sam NIWCS staff
Kunakucha, Gerald Kenyan post-graduate student
Larry NIWCS staff
Lauren Boy in the Fish Camp
Lazlo Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Linder, Dr.Gustav German physicist
Little Fawn A member of ‘The Tribe’
Lucifer Consort of Ereshkigal
M’tumbe, Kita Passenger on bus
Magnolia Flower A member of ‘The Tribe’
Marion A young woman in the community
Markham, Pauly Employee at the Save-More Mart
Markie Boy in the Fish Camp
Martia Granddaughter of Emir Karnan
Martins Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Matthews, Ian Patrol Officer, Benson, NC
Mayer, Dr. Walther Albert Einstein’s assistant
McCaulley, Bee Social worker
McCaulley, Patty Henry Turner’s first victim
McCaulley, President Brandon President of the United States
McCoy Marine
McGinty,Major General Mark Special Projects Manager for the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Molly USC student
Moriah Companion of Pieter Shu’s ‘uncle’ or ‘the Stranger’
Mother Mother of First-of-Many
Moultrie, Colonel Francis Marion CVM Commander
Muller NIWCS security staff
Nancy Nurse in the Kununurra Colony medical lab
Napoleon III French Leader
Nebechadept Sumerian priest
Nolan , John Eusebius The son of Emily and Tyler Nolan
Nolan, Dietrich Tyler Nolan’s grandfather
Nolan, Helga Tyler Nolan’s grandmother
Nolan, Lauren Tyler Nolan’s daughter, fish camp
Nolan, Markie Tyler Nolan’s son, fish camp
Nolan, Sherry Tyler Nolan’s wife, fish camp
Nolan, Teresa Tyler Nolan’s mother
Nolan, Theodore Tyler Nolan’s father
Nolan, Tyler NIWCS intelligence analyst
Nungfu, General Liang A general in the army of Xintaun-di
O’Hanion, Mavis NIWCS staff
Old One An old man in the community
Oluchi Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Oni Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Pallone, Jack Tiger Delivery driver
Paranthasar Sumerian sailor
Parnell, Cherry Kazwalski Wife of Jerry Parnell
Parnell, Leroy Jerry Vietnam vet
Pearson, Charlie CVM soldier
Perõn, Charlie Head of Columbian cartel
Phillips, Sam Aircraft mechanic
Pile, T/Sgt Andy Griffiss CVM soldier
Porthos, Gunny Marine Drill Instructor in Parris Island, SC
Poufe, Debian French army deserter
Proister, Gerhardt Assistant to Dr. Richards
Quijano, Simon Nicknamed S-man
Rainbow A member of ‘The Tribe’
Randolph, Major Everett CVM officer
Reed, Lieutenant Project Seven staff
Rendkey, Bill Scientist at Kununurra Colony
Richards, Dr. Keith A geophysicist
Rowe, Willie Country singer
Salah, Anicetus Military leader who fought the Pan-Eurasian Alliance
Sally May Neighbor at the Fish Camp
Sanders Engineer, Personal Life Engineering
Santiago, Enrique Alter ego of Henry Turner
Sealy, Miss Col. Moultrie’s cook
Sekai Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Shandaski Facilities Maintenance at Kununurra Colony
Shealy, Captain Steven I Corps Intelligence
Shiyo A young woman in the community
Shu Handmaiden, village of Yongshu
Shu, Pieter Son of Timion Shu
Shu, Timion Father of Pieter Shu
Shub-Ad, Queen Queen of Uruk
Simmons, G. NIWCS staff
Simms NIWCS security staff
Simonson Director of Kununurra Colony
Smithy, Hiram Captain’s steward aboard the Stelle de Mare
Spectre, Captain Arlee Captain of the Miss Liza
Stacey, Mike NIWCS security staff, shift commander
Sterret, Jeffery “Joker” A member of ‘The Tribe’
Stewart, Charlie Vice-President of the United States
Stranger The name Pieter Shu associated with Uncle
Suman Yongshu village elder
Summerfield, Susan TV news reporter.
Sunshine A member of ‘The Tribe’
Sunzi The great sage
T-bone A member of ‘The Tribe’
Thirdman, Mike Warrior
Turner, Henry Sociopath
Uncle An old man in the City
Ventrano, James “Big Jim” USMC, Ret., NIWCS security staff
Ventrano, Marge Wife of Jesse Ventrano
Vleech Sailor aboard the Stelle de Mare
Vogal, Reinhardt Gustav Linder’s roommate
vom Rath, Ernst German diplomat assassinated by Herschel Grynszpan
Wanserski, Wanda Jean Wife of Mike Thirdman
Washington, Kenisha Spirit guide
Washington, Mama Mother of Kenisha Washington
Watts, Steve CVM soldier
Weaver, Bill Neighbor at the Fish Camp
Weaver, Sally May Neighbor at the Fish Camp
Weisman, Abraham Father of Yakim Weisman
Weisman, Yakim Friend of Gustav Linder
Williams Project Seven staff
Willis, Sergeant Security Center Shift Supervisor at Kununurra Colony
Winkler, J. NIWCS staff
Wrodwasky, Dr. Patkin Project Seven staff
Xenchitochan Chief god of the temple at Começo
Xintaun-di Successor of Xintuan
Xintuan Warlord, incited insurrection against the Lord of the Whole World
Yarborough, Massa’ Plantation owner, lives in the “big house”
Zomkowski, Stan NIWCS security staff

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    With that many characters I would assume your worksheet has expanded to include physical descriptions, likes and dislikes, who loves who, and all good stuff like that.
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