Legal Stuff – What you need to know

Well, even though I don’t sell anything outright, I do review books and sometimes may recommend some. And I am an Amazon Associate, so if you click on a link for a book and then purchase it, although using the link won’t cost you anything, I will get paid for sending you there.

And I’m putting ads on the site, again, with the goal of paying for the site and being able to bring you original content. I don’t produce the ads, but I do have some control over which ads are shown, so if something shows up that you find offensive, deceptive, or just doesn’t fit the site, let me know and I will be happy to review the ad. No one visiting this site should feel uncomfortable.

Also, you need to know that, even though I will see your name and email address if you comment on my posts, I will never knowingly release that information, or any other personal information to anyone.  Google Analytics does collect some general information about page views, clicks, and the like, but as I understand it no specific personal information is collected.

And yes, this site is copyrighted.  Just as I respect and will safeguard your personal information and any communications we may have, I can only ask that you respect my creative work.  If you want to copy something I’ve written, I am happy to share.  All I ask is that you request permission, tell me how you intend to use it, and give me proper credit.

And so on and so forth.

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