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Like many of you, my weekends aren’t for writing, just the opposite.  My weekends are full of working in the yard and catching up on all those things that tend to slide while I’m at work during the week. Spring is here, the weather is beautiful, and who wants to be chained to a keyboard in a cave-like office, writing?

Me. I do. My mind is boiling over with plots and subplots.  I have a dozen folders on my hard drive with half finished short stories and sketches for novels that might be given life someday.  I guess if I was really dedicated I’d just stay up all night writing like I used to do and let my wife cuddle with an extra pillow instead of me.

Maybe not.  But as I posted last week, there are just too many things  to compete with the drive to write and, at least for me, it’s way to easy to lose sight of my ultimate goal – publication.

And getting published is what this blog is about. While my wife is occupied watching TV, I’m using the time to start investigating getting my book published on Amazon. I started by wading through the Terms and Conditions, Royalty Pricing , and List Price Requirements, but I found it too distracting reviewing them on-line, so I printed them out to look at later. Instead I watched the Video Tutorial which shows in real time how long it takes to actually publish to Kindle – about five minutes if your book is formatted. Once you see the tutorial, additional YouTube videos will become available for you to watch. They give step-by-step instructions on converting your manuscript from Word to HTML, formatting, and other issues.

As soon as I finish reviewing all the legal stuff, I’ll have to finally make that all important decision – one novel or several shorter works.

Leave me a comment, tell me what you think I should do!
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  1. I think a bunch of little ones to start…maybe on your second book you can really long.

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